About Me

Hello there! I'm a product design engineer, currently working at Dyson in their design office in Malmesbury. in summer I graduated with a 1st degree of my 5 year masters course in Product Design Engineering, split between the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow. The course and consequent career path have suited me perfectly as I am equally creative and logical.

I was lucky enough to secure three internships over the past summers, starting in an oil & gas engineering consultancy, to a mechanical design company, and last year an innovative product design consultancy. Each year I learnt and gained from the experiences, and confirmed to myself that a career in product design engineering is really my ideal job.

Oh, and a year ago I got rather a lot of media attention for a product I made while at 4c Design. Check it out here.

In my spare time I like to do granny-type activities such as baking and sewing. I’m also artistic and do a lot of portrait and landscape painting, while I am slowly getting into photography with my fancy new camera. I love being outdoors and in the sunshine, hence I have a strong passion for travelling and love to experience new cultures.

Feel free to have a look around and drop me an email if you want to know more!


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