Drawing on Walls


So over new year I went on a mini eurotrip, visiting Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. While staying with a friend in student accommodation in Prague (imagine a cross between prison and battery chicken cages..seriously, this place was rough) I was asked to adorn their walls with an artistic mural. *APPARENTLY* drawing on the walls was allowed, according to the Czechs living opposite. I had about an hour before we went out on the town, and nothing more than one biro to work with, so I found some space amongst the Czech scrawlings and cartoon genitals, and opted for a huge tiger – something fairly manly for a room with two guys. Turns out biro and wall is a pretty satisfying medium, although I’m not sure I’ll keep practicing now I’m back home… could get me in to a spot of trouble.

Here’s a few other design-y pics from my travels..


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