4c Design Oxygen Bag Project (BBC News)

This project was completed in summer 2012 while interning at 4c Design, Glasgow. Working with a child from Yorkhill Hospital, Lenny, 11, suffers from interstitial lung disease and must carry around a liquid oxygen tank on his back for constant use when out of the house. The bag provided by the NHS caused pain and problems when Lenny wanted to run around, walk to school, or take part in normal childhood activities, as it was too big for the tank, had little support and was made from flimsy materials. Through alterations and amendments to a child size backpack, a new bag for the oxygen tank was created, and given to the user. The results of the project are shown. The project has been featured on BBC News and Russel Howard's Good News, as well as articles in the Daily Mail, Daily Record, The Sun, The Herald and the Metro.

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