Evolving new species

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has created a new species, named “Strandbeests”. The creatures can walk completely unassisted, taking power from the wind to move their spindly legs. The full TED video explains the mechanism, but basically the creatures’ flapping wings capture the wind and pump air into old lemonade bottles, which move the legs. The […]

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A home for the future

As I’ve been researching our controlling attitude towards nature, I have suggested that we need to start again with a clean slate, and start participating with nature in order to find solutions for a less consuming future. Philips Design are on to the same thing. They have set up a ‘probes’ program, looking at far […]

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Climate Makeover

So, as I investigate ways in which we are controlling nature, I reach the controversial subject of climate change. Is it our fault? Personally, I think so. Yes, the climate will fluctuate over time, and we only came out of the little ice age in the 1800s. But temperatures have never been this high. People […]

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How are designers and engineers tackling their current responsibility to participate with nature rather than control it?

This (rather long) title is the topic I have chosen for my Design & Technology study. Yes, it may need reworded. Currently the world’s population is at over 7 million, and continues to grow every second. If you go to this link: you can literally watch the world grow before your eyes. Scary! It makes […]

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